About Benjamin Martin Corperation

Reinvention. Excellence. Dedication. These are the words that describe the story of the Benjamin Martin Corporation. Southwest of the bustling and fast paced city of Boston in the quiet town of Dedham is where in 1975 our founders, the enterprising visionaries and brothers, Benjamin and Martin Seltzer began their first steps in what would become an enduring and transformative journey. Today we are well known for our promotional custom frames and awards, but that is not where we started. In fact, in those first early days the only thing that is recognizably the same to today was our vision and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our origin has a more of humble start, crafting glass planters and small decorative accessories.

Our quality goods quickly built us a reputation and made the name Benjamin Martin synonymous with excellence. Before we knew it, the interior design world caught our focus and with that shift we expanded to building and designing glass and mirrored tables, wall mirrors for interior design firms, high-end retail furniture stores, and prestigious department stores. This evolution of our company gave us exposure to an industry, companies, and people who would spread the word of our dedication to quality and good service.

Before long, with a larger pool of clients the need for custom framing became obvious and once again, we adapted and reinvented ourselves. Although we changed a lot our guiding principle has stayed solid: craft the finest, most high-quality goods, and success would inevitably follow. And success indeed followed. Our meticulously crafted frames played a pivotal role and were the backbone of many well-known events and celebrations. For example, commemorating historical moments like Presidential Inaugurations for several U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents; because of our excellent craftsmanship our frames have been silent witnesses to history.

As our success began to snowball, we kept steadfast and continued to work as hard ever. We built trusted relationships with several Fortune 500 companies, aiding them in celebrating milestones, product launches, and internal successes. Those ventures along with all the other many projects we have worked on here and internationally have earned our reputation in the promotional products industry, as well as our consistent five star “Top Ranking” by the Advertising Specialty Institute.

The story of Benjamin Martin Corporation is certainly an impressive and unique journey of success. The Seltzer brothers’ relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to reinvent themselves has truly paid off with a legacy of success and reputation for quality craftsmanship. They continue to work hard even today, still working with clients and aiding their staff in everyday production. Their work ethic and unwavering commitment has created a lasting impact on the promotional products industry and hundreds of companies.